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The Intentional Destruction of the American Immigration System

In the final year of the Trump Presidency, the border was within reach of being secure as the daily arrests had dwindled to the lowest numbers in Border Patrol history. Nations south of our border that once violated our nation’s sovereignty and blatantly disrespected our nation, now adhered to our strong President who forced those nations to heel and show our great nation respect.

On January 20, 2021, everything changed.

President Biden has intentionally destroyed the American immigration system through the manipulation of DHS policies and laws. Never in American history has our nation been invaded by millions of foreigners all with the encouragement and direct assistance of the United States government. The once proud United States Border Patrol has been forced to participate in the unlawful smuggling of millions of illegal aliens to their final destinations across America. Morale within DHS, specifically the Border Patrol and ICE, does not exist.

Within the first two years of Biden’s Presidency, over five million illegal aliens have been arrested and fraudulently released into our nation. Another ten million have absconded undetected because hundreds of miles of the southern border are open with not one single Border Patrol Agent actively patrolling.

Our nation faces a crisis created by both political parties that if left to continue will destroy our nation from within. There is no greater threat to our Republic than the invasion of millions of foreigners that do not share our language, culture, or our shared values and beliefs.

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