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BORDER TRUTH - Slippery Slope

By: J.J. Carrell

Leave it to the Republicans to rub salt into the open wound created by illegal immigration.

In 1986, Wyoming Senator Simpson created and proposed the disastrous Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA). This is the same bill signed by President Reagan that gave millions of individuals amnesty. President Reagan immediately regretted signing IRCA and repeatedly stated such until his death.

Just like in 1986, today Wyoming State Representative named Ryan Berger has proposed granting illegal aliens in his state access to in-state tuition rates to all Wyoming’s universities, colleges, and community colleges. Wyoming has an illegal alien population of approximately 8,000 costing the Wyoming taxpayers a whopping 45.2 million dollars annually. HERE Instead of halting 45.2 million dollars to unlawful residents in his state, Rep. Berger wants to give more to these individuals. The insanity of giving away other people’s money is not limited to the lunatic left but it also consumes the RINOs claiming to be conservative. makes a great point, “States with smaller overall populations actually experience a proportionally greater effect from migrant influxes because such states typically have fewer jobs available and condensed economies, making it harder to absorb newcomers.”

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